vendredi 4 octobre 2013

L'outil "sosreport" sur Oracle Linux

L'outil "sosreport" permet de collecter les informations sur le hardware et les configurations de Linux.

Pour l'utiliser:

[root@host ~]# sosreport

sosreport (version 1.7)

This utility will collect some detailed  information about the
hardware and  setup of your  Enterprise Linux  system.
The information is collected and an archive is  packaged under
/tmp, which you can send to a support representative.
This information will be used for diagnostic purposes ONLY
and it will be considered confidential information.

This process may take a while to complete.
No changes will be made to your system.

Press ENTER to continue, or CTRL-C to quit.

One or more plugins have detected a problem in your configuration.
Please review the following messages:

    * one or more processes are in state D (sosreport might hang)

Are you sure you would like to continue (y/n) ? y

Please enter your first initial and last name [texans]: hetche
Please enter the case number that you are generating this report for: 1

 plugin system finished ...

Creating compressed archive...

Your sosreport has been generated and saved in:

The md5sum is: b9c7ff320009c7b19ad48b93eca51333

Please send this file to your support representative.

Par défaut le résultat est généré dans le répertoire /tmp.
Pour le générer à un autre emplacement, lancer l'utilitaire comme suit:

TMP=/home/hetche sosreport

Hope it helps...